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Home and Business Automation and Control Systems

R2D2 and C3PO

Only in the Movies

It used to be that only in science fiction movies or maybe in the homes or offices of big-time executives would you find technology that would make a home or building seem like it was actually alive. How can a building be "intelligent?" How does it know how to do things without me telling it to?

Here to Stay

It might seem like we're stretching things a little, but this technology is commonly referred to as an "Automation" or "Control System." You may have also heard the term "Smart Home." LED With g! System These systems have actually been around for several decades now. The technology has improved exponentially and the costs have now come down so much that many are able to integrate it into their homes and offices.

As Big as Your Imagination

Imagine one of your children comes home from school, and you automatically get a message on your cell phone that she has arrived safely. Imagine pressing play on your remote control to watch a movie, and all of your lights dim to just the right level and all of your window shades come down. Imagine someone ringing your doorbell while your watching TV with your family and a small video feed pops up in a picture-in-picture view to show you who's at the door. Imagine the Possibilities! Imagine the energy savings and the eco-friendliness of having total automation and control of your lighting, heating and cooling, irrigation, and more.

Smarter Is Always Better

Our Elan g! Control Systems along with Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting, Climate Cotrol, and Window Treatments, a state of the art DSC Security System, high quality Niles Audio Speakers and Sound Solutions, top quality video components, and an ability to integrate many other systems in your home or business make our solution top notch and versatile, yet, much less expensive than you would think. The idea behind automating and controlling the spaces where you live and work is simple. It can be invaluable to be able to see and control your workspace or home from anywhere in the world, but the real benefit is that you get to spend less time worrying about the repetitious and menial things and more time doing the things that only you can do. You spend more time with those you love, more time focusing and excelling at your work, and more time enjoying life. You're living smarter and Eco-friendly!

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